Tatuaje Verocu Tubo (First Impressions)

Tatuaje Verocu Tubo - 1

A couple of weeks before Cigarfest, I was talking with a long-time viewer of Stogie Review through Facebook. Jason and I talked about getting together for a cigar before things got hectic over the course of the weekend. On Friday, Mike and I met up with Jason, before getting started with the festivities, and headed over to his house for a cigar. By the time our visit was over, Jason was so kind as to send me off with a sack full of cigars that I hadn’t had the pleasure of trying.

Among those cigars was the Tatuaje Verocu Tubo. Being a long way from any Tatuaje accounts, that I am aware of, I never even saw this cigar outside of photos spread throughout the web. Because the brand is scarce in my neck of the woods, I’m not up to date with all that is Tatuaje.

I was shocked to find that we haven’t done any review on this cigar and thought I should remedy that. The video below runs roughly twelve-minutes and acts as a hybrid of First Impressions and Short Ashes. After you check out the video, be sure to head over to the comments section and tell us what you thought of the Tatuaje Verocu Tubo.