Thompson Cigar Black Label Robusto

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Origin : Philippines
Wrapper : Unknown
Binder : Unknown
Filler : Unknown
Source : Thompson Cigar Exclusive

Today I have a super cheap smoke review for your viewing and reading pleasure, the Thompson Black Label Robusto Natural. These are an exclusive cigar for Thompson Cigar and therefore I can not find much information about them online.

These cigars come in bundles of 25 at a price of $15.95 per bundle and are a mixed filler cigar.

I picked these up along with a special they were running just to see how well a $16 bundle cigar would hold up. I won’t spoil the surprise, so you will have to watch and read to see how it goes.


Taking a gander at this Thompson Cigar Black Label it has a nice chocolate brown color with minimal veins running through it. I get no scent from the wrapper itself, but the foot gives a very slight natural tobacco scent.

Today’s cigar will be paired with Dr. Pepper. I also get to use my Xikar cutter that a great BOTL sent to me, rather than my cheapy one.

After snipping the head I notice this cigar has a very tight draw to it. I am hoping it will open up once it is lit.

First Half

Starting out this Thompson Cigar Black Label I am having draw issues. When I say issues, I should say tightness. This cigar almost draws like I forgot to cut the cap.

If you want anything with any body to it, you should stay away from the start of this one. I am a mild-medium smoker and this thing is super mild even to my tastes. I am only really getting a natural tobacco taste with bit of hay and grass on the start.

As I get close to the halfway point I am beginning to pick up a bit of spice and a woody taste. Body is still super mild though and the draw is wearing out my cheeks. I really wish these had a little looser draw to them.

Second Half

Starting out the second half of my Thompson Cigar Black Label, I am getting a little bit of spice and a major woody taste. We are still at the super mild stage folks.

Winding up the second half of this stick at a little over an hour and we are still at the mild stage. I am getting a lot more spice towards the end and am also getting that cauliflower taste every couple puffs.

I am getting a mild headache but I am thinking it is due to the super tight draw on this stick and having to puff so hard to get anything from it.


After smoking this Thompson Cigar Black Label, I have to admit, I do not hate them. I was really thinking that I was going to absolutely rip them apart in my review but I just can not do it. Now with that being said, there are few cigars that I would really trash and that is because there is a place for most cigars out there. Some people will love these for a mild cigar they can smoke tons of without breaking the bank. Other people will like them because they are cheap enough for a yard-gar or similar smoke, and of course, some people will absolutely hate them for not being flavorful and more powerful.

I can see myself keeping some of these on hand for either the novice smoker to try or even for something when I don’t want a cigar with a lot of body to it.

One thing that I wish was changed is the draw. I can not stand a tight draw. That is the main reason I could not smoke these more often.

Well there you have it. Let me know what you think of these, if you have ever tried them. I know there are a lot of people who won’t think these are even worth a shot, but still let me a comment and tell me why you think that way.

I will say, I always feel like smoking another cigar shortly after one of these. I actually smoked two of these in a row one day. Hope you understand how mild these really are!

Keep smokin.

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