Alec Bradley Tempus (Guest Review)


Ed and I have returned for our monthly guest review here on The Stogie Review. This time around we review the Alec Bradley Tempus. This is Alec Bradley’s flagship cigar, and is my top pick for 2009. I find myself smoking them on a regular basis to this day. Brian and Walt reviewed the Tempus awhile back, so I thought it was fitting that Ed and I have a go at it.

I had a hard time picking apart the flavor profile. Luckily Ed takes up the slack as usual and really helped me appreciate this cigar even more. The flavors are subtle yet rich at the same time. The body starts in the medium range but steadily builds to full without being an over the top powerhouse. This is the type of cigar that demands your attention or you will miss out on some great flavors.

This video runs for 21 minutes and Ed and I really pick this thing apart. As always, all feedback (good and bad) is welcome. If your experience was different, by all means chime in. We are always curious of other’s opinions!