El Triunfador No. 3 by Tatuaje

El Triunfador No 3 - main.jpg

Origin : Nicaragua
Wrapper : Ecuadorian Habano
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : Purchased a box from The Humidour with my own funds

I have a treat for you today with the newly released El Triunfador from Tatuaje Cigars (Havana Cellars). This re-released cigar with a new blend comes in six sizes: No.1 (6.500 x 42), No.2 (5.500 x 52), No.3 (5.625 x 46), No.4 (5.000 x 48), No.5 (4.375 x 42), and No.6 (7.500 x 38). All sizes are box pressed but the #6 and I have to say, this #3 looks like a Cuban press to me (but I am a noob).

All of these vitolas come in boxes of 25, which is a bit confusing since my box could have fit 26 but had a piece of wood for that spot. I am trying to find out why he just didnt do 26 in a box and will update if he answers me. Pete’s response on twitter, it is tradition to have 25 cigars per box and he does like to go against tradition. I can totally understand that and appreciate the honest answer.

I also learned that the original El Triunfador will still be made, so if you liked the original you will still be able to enjoy it. Main difference is the wrapper on the original is a broadleaf while this one has the habano, plus the strength of the original is medium-full while this one is mild-medium.

This cigar was going to be an International release only but luckily Pete decided to release it here in the states at the same time. I think it was a great move!

I have heard an interesting note about the boxes. Supposedly the first 100 boxes from each vitola will have a seal on them. I am trying to get confirmation from Pete about this and will update as soon as I know something. Sufficed to say, my box has a seal (woohoo!!). Pete answered me on twitter and said it is the first 100 boxes of each vitola to be packed will have the seal. So depending on when they actually get shipped, you could see some of the seals down the road.


My El Triunfador has a very nice colored chocolatey wrapper on it with a very rustic looking band surrounding it. I do not think it is a pretty cigar due to it having vein and even looks a bit crooked (dare I say Cuban looking). Wrapper has a silkiness to it and a scent of sweet tobacco.

Cigar cut and lit easily with no problems at all other than me trying to torch the house by having my lighter up the whole way (damn noobs).

First puffs were mainly the sweet tobacco taste with a hint of spice in the background.

First Third

Starting into the first third of my El Triunfador, I am getting mostly a sweet tobacco taste with some nice spice when passing the smoke through my nasal cavity. I would have to call this stick a mild one right now. That may shock you if you are used to other Tatuaje cigars, but it really is mild.

Into the first third I am starting to pick up some nice woody flavors along with a bit more of the spice, spice is hitting now even on the palette. I am getting mainly a relaxed pepper taste from the spice.

I have to say, the cigar is burning quite fast compared to the cigars I normally smoke. i have gone through the first third within 15 minutes.

Second Third

Entering the second third of my El Triunfador by Tatuaje and I am so far, very pleased. I am getting a nice woodsy taste with some white pepper sprinkled in. Still is a mild cigar in my eyes and tastes just wonderful.

Gonna keep this a bit short since the cigar is smoking really fast. I am at a little over 30 minutes when I finished the second third.

I am mainly getting the spice right now. Some of it is a little bitter but nothing that makes you want to put the cigar down. Flavors are woodsy and a bit of natural tobacco taste but the spice is really overwhelming everything at this point.

Final Third

Into the final third of my El Triunfador and the main thing I am getting now is spice. I can still taste a small amount of the wood and natural tobacco, but it is almost all spice.

Cigar is getting a bit warm but I am trying to take half puffs or let it sit longer to try and cool down a bit. I think it has to do with the loose draw but I am not going to complain at all about that! I can also put some blame on myself since the cigar is so damn good (spoiled the ending) I am probably puffing on it more than I normally would.

Ending out the final third the spice just dominates and has gotten even more of the bitterness to it. I did not mind it but I wish it was a bit more subtle to allow other flavors to come through.


All in all, buy this cigar! When I buy a box of something it has to be good since i do not have the money to splurge on nice smokes very often. I think the spice could be toned down a bit for my tastes but with a bit of aging, it might well smooth right over.

I will say that after smoking one of these I always want another. I don’t know if it is because it is that good or if it just does not give me the smoke time I would like out of a cigar. According to my clock this lasted about an hour with the toothpick to get as much as I could out of it.

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