Tatuaje Boris


The Tatuaje Boris has been out for awhile. I’m sure you’re wondering why I’ve chosen now to review it? First, when the Boris was released everyone jumped on it. Blog after blog, forum after forum were flooded with reviews. By now, you all know what an attention whore I can be and I didn’t want my review to get lost in the shuffle. Another reason is that last year I learned a lesson with the Frank. What I learned was that it got so much better with time. Like the Frank, the Boris was good, not great out of the box. Now fast forward three months…

Video runs close to 12 minutes and while I understand some of you have a legitimate gripe with me reviewing a cigar that is no longer available. Like I said, its legitimate. I do know that there are many people out there who have a few aging in their humidors and maybe they are wondering how the Tatuaje Boris performs with a little age. Anyway, along with reviewing the Boris, I also answer the question of which I like more, Drac or Boris…oh yeah, we had record breaking snow.