Oliva Connecticut Reserve (Short Ashes)

Oliva Connecticut Reserve - Toro

Over the past couple of weeks, you have probably taken a notice to the additional face in my video cigar reviews. That face belongs to Mike Forry (KnightRid) and he has joined me once again for a joint short ashes review on the Oliva Connecticut Reserve. We have been slowly incorporating Mike into reviews in an attempt to make him feel comfortable enough to venture out on his own with a video reviews, flying solo.

This time around, Mike and I decided to revisit the Oliva Connecticut Reserve. After my shining review of it the first time, and it making its way onto my Top 10 Cigars of 2009 List, we thought it was worth taking another look at.

When the end of the review rolled around, we were both in agreement that the Oliva Connecticut Reserve still has it, and it makes for a fantastic morning cigar when paired with a cup of coffee. The video runs for about twenty-two minutes. After you finish with the video, be sure to drop a comment or two in the field below.