Before You Shop

The season of cigar media websites releasing their Top Cigars of 2009 is coming to an end. While any ill feelings I have are totally based on professional jealousy, this season would not be complete without a certain “lifestyle” publication releasing their hotly-debated annual list… no matter how much you agree or disagree with it.

Padron Family Reserve 45 Years

But before you grab that glossy top 25 list and head to your favorite tobacconist, take a moment to get an unbiased review. We didn’t review all the cigars or the exact sizes that said “lifestyle” magazine rated, but we covered a good deal of them. For your convenience, here’s a shortcut to those reviews:

Like I said, we’ve got ’em covered. But I think that the “lifestyle” publication is a bit out of touch with today’s passionado. Some of the cigars they list are deserving, but many are not. For a more in-touch and well rounded selection of excellent cigars, I encourage you to check out our own Top 10 lists: