Illusione ~hl~ (Short Ashes)

Illusione HL

I was talking with Jerry via Twitter the other day and it seems he has run into a bit of a problem. His super fast Verizon FIOS service has been interrupted by a faulty router and he was unable to upload his video. Rather than dig through the Fan Forums to get a Cigar Shop Review or Guest Cigar Review, I decided to post a video that I recorded previously.

I was intending to post this video on Friday but was able to record a second Short Ashes video for that slot. The video I have for you today focuses on the Illusione ~hl~ (Holy Lance). I’ve been fortunate enough to smoke a few of these lately. The first came after my wife’s first ultrasound. The second was for this video, and the third (the photo above) was smoked after my wife’s second ultrasound. It has become a celebratory cigar, of sorts, for me.

The video runs around fifteen minutes and follows the general Short Ashes format. An audio only version is also available for those that prefer to listen rather than watch.

Looks like Jerry was able to get a connection to upload some photos and make a post yesterday. As a result, this article is going up Friday (today) but the write-up remains unchanged.