CAO Six One Five (Guest Review)

This review comes courtesy of Chris (beaverc32)
from the Stogie Review Fan Forums

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Cigar Facts

Vitola: Churchill
Price: $51 for 5-pack
Wrapper: Criollo-seed Maduro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan

The CAO Six One Five was gifted to me by fellow SRFF member, Ray_I, and apparently is only available at UPtown’s Smoke Shop. Fortunately they are available for purchase both online and via phone order.

The cigar I was so generously gifted has a slight oily sheen on the fairly dark brown wrapper. Several thick veins run throughout the length of the cigar, and the aroma is a mild hay. Pinch test reveals no soft spots, although there is a “flaw” at the foot of the cigar where the wrapper has slightly cracked. However, this is likely due to shipping conditions this cigar suffered and is only a minor detraction from the overall appearance. After I clip the cigar with my trusty guillotine cutter, I am welcomed with a free draw containing only a slight resistance. I can’t say I get much flavor in the prelight draw, other than a very mild spice.

Flavors start off with what I would describe as “tangy”, with a bit of sweetness that lingers on the palette. There is a bit of cedar as well. These flavors remain fairly consistent throughout the entire length of the smoke, but picks up with some cocoa mid-way through. I would likely have preferred a smaller vitola since the flavors didn’t alter very much, but overall it was a tasty smoke.

Construction wise, this stogie didn’t require a single touch-up. Burn line and draw remained terrific throughout, and that was while smoking it in a 50 degree room on a mild November afternoon.

Overall, I enjoyed this cigar, but for the price point I wouldn’t say it is something I will seek out any time soon.

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