J. Fuego 777 Corojo (Short Ashes)

J Fuego 777 Corojo - 1

Last week I was able to bang out three Short Ashes reviews. The intention was to create a little bit of a pool of content to draw from as the holidays starting popping up and we were pressed for time. Little did I know, right after I recorded the videos that I was going to come down with a cold.

As I near the tail end of this cold, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I have lots of plans for future content before the year rounds out. With my taste buds a little out of whack, I’ve got little choice but to tap into that fresh reserve I created just last week.

The cigar of the evening is the J Fuego 777 Corojo. This is a more economical release from Jesus Fuego and sports a unique Brazilian Corojo wrapper which gives it a flavor profile all its own. Since discovering these cigars a few months back, they have become a staple in my humidor and I smoke a couple each week.