Ask The Readers: Does our definition of Full Bodied need an overhaul?

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Powerhouse Cigars

A couple of weeks ago, a few of us Twitter using, Pennsylvania cigar smokers were toying with the idea of getting together for a cigar. With a drive of about two hours separating all of us, we decided to meet in the middle and get together at an Oliva event being held at Olde World Tobacco.

When that day came, I met up with my father and we drove out to meet up with, Mike (Knightrid), Paul (Shing999), and Paul’s Father (Also Paul). The featured cigar of the event was the new Cain Straight Ligero, so naturally we all wound up smoking one at some point during the event.

One of several topics discussed was the strength of the Cain and how parts of the industry are headed in the direction of making a cigar that is chocked full of power. The trend seems to be paying off as these cigars are flying off the shelves all across the country.

I’m of the mind that this trend, which has been going on for years now, has altered our perception of cigars. I have a few friends that were cigar smokers back in the boom and they all say the same thing, if you wanted a powerhouse you either bought Puros Indios or Punch.

I’ve only been smoking since 2005, and I remember full bodied cigars consisting of brands like Punch, and El Rey del Mundo. Now, I consider those same brands medium bodied. I’m curious on your thoughts about where the industry lies in terms of the body spectrum.

Do you feel that cigar smokers should use a sliding scale when discussing a cigars body? Perhaps adjusting our classification based on what else is available on the market? It seems that every few months a new product is launched which either recalibrates our determination of body in cigars, or expands the full spectrum.

Do we need a very full classification for sticks such as the CAO LX2, El Cobre, Rocky Patel Edge, and Cain Straight Ligero, among others? What do you think this does to new smokers seeking out something mild?