CAO Colombia (Escaparate)

CAO Colombia Escaparate

Whats up my cigar loving peeps? I know, it sucks that our holiday weekend is over and we have to lug ourselves back into the grind. Hopefully this review of the CAO Colombia will keep your case of the “Mondays” to a minimum.

The CAO Colombia is another cigar from the CAO Escaparate. The CAO Colombia can be found at Serious Cigars in Houston TX.

Video runs around 16 minutes and I’m excited to say, that I’ve found a close runner up to the CAO MX3. Keep in mind that the MX3 has home field advantage in my mind so its basically a push. I found the CAO Colombia very similar to the MX3 but at the same time, different. Thats a recurring theme that I say over and over again in the video. Similar flavor profiles but different. The CAO Colombia is a solid medium bodied cigar and has a distinct coffee flavor and milk chocolate goodness while the MX3 had a espresso and dark chocolate flavors. So as you can see, similar but different.

More Info on CAO Escaparate
Our “friends” over at Cigar Aficionado have a well made and informative video (damn them and their $$$) about CAO’s Escaparate. They do a much better job describing it than I do so be sure to check it out.

How To Order:
If you’d like to order the CAO Colombia they are available ONLY at Serious Cigars in Houston TX. You can give them a call at 1-866-37CIGAR (1-866-372-4427) or if you prefer less human interaction, you can order them directly from Serious Cigars website – and of course, if you wanna say The Stogie Review sent you, it couldn’t hurt.

Other Reviews:
Barry from gave it a 88/100 ->