Natural by Drew Estates

Natural by Drew Estates

Sometimes…sometimes a cigar blind sides you. What I mean is, sometimes a cigar comes into your possession and your first thought is, “this is gonna suck” only to have that cigar prove you wrong and you’re left with the thought of “man I’m glad I smoked that.” Such a story came to fruition for me with the Natural by Drew Estates.

EDIT – While I describe this cigar as being part of the flavored/infused cigar category, I was wrong. Thanks to those who brought it to my attention that this cigar is neither flavored or infused but rather uses non-traditional tobacco which provides its exotic natural flavors. I’m human and I wrongly lumped and generalized the cigar…thanks for the image below @Famous_Hayward


Video runs around 12:30 and I have to say, while I’m not your typical flavored/infused cigar connoisseur, after smoking the Natural by Estates, I can see why flavored/infused cigars are so popular as every now and then, you come across one or one comes your way, that really surprises you.

Summary – The Natural lived up to its name. While there was a definite sweetness to the cigar, it didn’t have the artificial characteristics of other infused/flavored cigars. The sweetness took on a more balanced natural sweetness and along with some exotic flavors, made for the perfect afternoon companion.