CAO Bratalia (Escaparate)

CAO Bratalia

First, let me say I can’t take credit for finding these. Need to thank Chris from for tweeting about these.

Similar to the MX3, the CAO Bratalia is part of the CAO Escaparate collection. The collection consists of concept cigars, special occasion cigars and generally cigars that CAO didn’t have the resources to make enough cigars for a national release but enough for local retailers to sell. Each retailer is given exclusive rights to sell their Escaparate. In the case of the CAO Bratalia, exclusive rights are given to Old Virginia Tobacco.

Some of you remember way back in 2006, CAO released a special collection of cigars called “Brazilia vs. Italia: Artistry of Champions Sampler Set”. The set featured five, hard to roll, special figurados. Two of the cigars were Brazilia and two were Italia. The fifth cigar was a barber pole style cigar called the “Bratalia” which was a blend made from both the Brazilia and Italia blends. I don’t know if that Bratalia came before this one and CAO tried to recreate that Bratalia for a National release, thus this Bratalia was born. What I know about this Bratalia is all based on my own imagination so take it with a grain of salt.

Video runs 13 minutes and to be honest, I think the Bratalia isn’t anything special and is overly priced. I think the MX3 is still a better, richer cigar and better value. Maybe its not fair of me to compare it to the MX3, I don’t know.

The flavors of the Bratalia are decent flavors, a predominate sweet coffee, smokey oak flavor. The Bratalia burned well and had a good draw. But the flavors weren’t very rich and at $12 a cigar, I expected more or at least I was left wishing it had more. I do think if you’re a diehard CAO lover and/or want something interesting to have in your collection, you should pick some Bratalia’s up. I know I’ll keep some on hand to add something different in trades and box passes.

Ordering Information
The only place you can order the CAO Bratalia is from Old Virginia Tobacco. You can give them a call (1-800-999-6882) or if you don’t like human interaction, you can easily order from their website.