Fuente Fuente Opus X (Short Ashes)

As the nigh began to wind down, I found myself a little pressed for time when it came to getting a short ashes review recorded for the weekend. I popped open my cooler and began to dig through the mess of bags to find the right cigar for the evening. I did more looking than selecting and found that I wasted a half hour and made no progress.

As I stood over my cooler asking myself “what do I have that is small enough to smoke in an hour and a half”, I remembered I had an Opus X Perfexion #4 in my travel humidor. With a 43 ring gauge and a length of 5.125 inches long, I thought it would be just right for the situation.

During the video I mentioned a conversation between Tony Ricciardi and I via Twitter. If you aren’t familiar with Tony’s site, take a look at Leaf and Grape when you get a minute.