Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic – Perla (Short Ashes)

This week things have been a bit of a mess with the website. It seems that the popularity of Stogie Review has toppled our original service and posed a problem for the replacement. At this point we are in the midst of technical issues, for that we apologize. Please follow us down that bumpy road that is server migration, hopefully we will be finished sooner than later.

The cigar of the afternoon was a Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic in a Perla size. I didn’t realize it when I smoked and recorded this video, but I did a Short Ashes video back in January. While there already is a video floating around, with a follow up review, on this stick, this one is different.

Some time ago I made arrangements to send someone online a five-pack of cigars. I don’t recall what the terms were, I think I was just sending them because this individual hadn’t had a certain stick and wanted to try one. I boxed up five cigars of my liking and sent them on their merry way. About a week later I received my box back in the mail, stamped with something about a bad address.

I got in touch with the individual once again to verify the address, which was correct on the package. I re-boxed and shipped the package off once again. Just like before, about a week later it was returned to me once again. A bit frustrated that I already paid for shipping twice already, I unboxed the, now dry, cigars and placed them in my cooler. I contacted the individual one last time to tell them that I felt that my obligation was fulfilled and that I wouldn’t be shipping the cigars to the same address yet again.

As time passed I forgot about that five pack. One day while trying to do some organizing to my cooler, I came across them. Of the five, the only one that suffered visible damage from the rehydration process was a Tatuaje Serie P.

Interested to see if the cigars were able to rebound after spending roughly two weeks in a postal truck, I grabbed the Don Pepin Garcia Black Label Perla and touched it with flame. Check out the video below to see how it turned out.