CAO MX3 (Escaparate)


Thanks to Walt and Brian for filling in for me in my normal spots. Its great to be feeling better and back in the saddle again and what a cigar I have for you!

I mentioned some of this over on My Daily Cigar but the CAO MX3 is part of CAO’s Escaparate collection. The Escaparate collection consists of 330,000+ cigars in an ‘in-the-round’ walk-in humidor. These are special cigars that CAO has made as potential new blends or for special events, etc, and are generally not available to the public. About 5 years ago, CAO decided to release some of their Escaparate to select retailers.

Video runs a little longer than normal at 17:45 as I take the time to answer three questions that I’m sure you’re asking yourself. (1) Whose all maduro cigar (Camacho or CAO) came first? (2) How does the MX3 compare to the MX2? (3) Which is better? The CAO MX3 or Camacho Triple Maduro? All my answers are of course, my own opinion and I forget to say it in the video but this, the final contest ends Sunday night.

More Info on CAO Escaparate
Our “friends” over at Cigar Aficionado have a well made and informative video (damn them and their $$$) about CAO’s Escaparate. They do a much better job describing it than I do so be sure to check it out.

How To Order:
If you’d like to order the CAO MX3 cigars & caps (free with a purchase of a 5 pack) they are available ONLY at W. Curtis Drapers in D.C. (800) 572-2382. Ask for Matt and tell him Jerry from The Stogie Review sent you. You won’t get anything out of it but it scores us some points with the Draper boys for use in the future.