Tatuaje Noella Reserva


Hmmm maybe thats Reserva Noellas…whatever, it don’t matter. Its not important. What is important is that these Noellas are bang’n. Imagine if a Tatuaje Black and a Tatuaje Brown got together, hooked up and had babies. Pete Johnson describes the Tatuaje Noella Reserva as a “little monster” (in reference to The Frank in his Monster Series) but I call them a flavor bomb! If I were to play a game of Thermonuclear War, I’d want this flavor nuke on my side. It be game over for my enemy!

Unfortunately only 5,000 of these were rolled. I’m blessed that I have 22 of these flavor bombs left. I actually feel a bit guilty having that many. This is one of those cigars that should be experienced. So who knows, if you watch the video there maybe a way for you to disarm my nuclear arsenal and leave me with only a dozen flavor nukes.

Video runs 13:20 and like I say in the video, if there was a Tatuaje heaven the streets would be paved with Triunfador, La Riqueza and these Tatuaje Noella Reserva! Don’t get any better than that my friends. Long ashes!

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