23 Minutes with Pete Johnson

Pete Johnson was in the MD/DC area this week doing the tours of three of the local shops in the area. I met up with Pete at W.Curtis Drapers in DC for the 1st Friday event (every 1st Friday of the Month they have someone in the shop for an event). Pete was generous to spend 23 minutes with me and the video camera before it got too crazy and building security (the store is at the bottom of an office building) started complaining about the smell and the smoke.

Pete shares a little more info on the Ambos Mundos, what he’s working on, more info on his Monster Series, plans to take Tatuaje international, what he thinks of the Casa Magna and what Pete wants to do that he hasn’t already. Great stuff if I do say so myself.

Shout out to Pete and the guys at Drapers for being a group of hella cool dudes, to @dcamacho and @doc8466 for feeding me questions, to Jason Alcantara, Barry and everyone else who came out and said wussup.

For a quick and dirty written summary provided by @ChiefHava