Rocky Patel Winter Collection (2009)

Rocky Patel Winter Collection

“Your biggest fans will always be your harshest critics…” That’s how I’d sum up my relationship with Rocky Patel cigars. I’ve praised him for his great cigars and bashed him for his lousy cigars. Well, what can I say? This is one of those cigars well worth the praise. Rocky hit the Winter Collection out of the park!

You want body? You want flavor? You want richness? You want heat? You want bold? You want power similar to the Camacho Triple Maduro or the CAO Lx2? The Rocky Patel Winter Collection has all those elements with its Nicaraguan filler an Ecuadorian binder that blend and balance themselves wrapped inside a mouth watering dark maduro wrapper from Pennsylvania.

Video runs close to 14 minutes and just so there is no confusion. To enter my contest to win a 5 pack of these Rocky Patel Winter Collection, you must leave a comment on this post (one per person) by Friday. You can also enter to win another 5 pack by responding to the Daily Discussion thread for Monday, February 23rd in the SR Fan Forums (thread may not be available when this is published). One winner will be chosen (at random) from all those who have left a comment here and another winner will be chosen (at random) from the Daily Discussion thread on the SR Fan Forums.

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