Verdadero Organic (Guest Review)

Let’s just start this off by noting that I am a sucker for things labeled “organic”. I know, I know, it’s stupid, but it’s one of those marketing ploys that really works on me. I buy my groceries at Whole Foods and when I saw this cigar, I thought I had to try it. So there it is. On to the review:

Verdadero Organic
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder: Indonesian Sumatra
Filler: 100% Organic from Granada
Vitola: Toro
Measurement: 6″ x 50

This cigar has been in my humidor since the beginning of September, so it has a good 5 months of age on it. When I bought this from, it was only available in the toro size, but more recently, a torpedo and robusto have been added to the mix. I originally thought the entire cigar was organic, but reading the info today on, it looks like only the filler is 100% organic.

Checking out this cigar, you will notice that it’s not very veiny at all. The wrapper smells sweet and is a little peppery. At the foot, this thing smells entirely of raisins. It’s a beautiful thing and I could smell the foot all day. Unfortunately, the pre-light draw on this thing is tight and it remains that way throughout the smoke.

This is a cigar that does not need to be broken down into thirds as it is incredibly consistent. The flavors are mellow and maybe a bit muted. I detect some nuttiness and tobacco on the pallet. The finish is the nicest part of the smoke as it is a bit fruity and there is a heavy raisin taste left in the mouth.

This is a quick review. There is not much to say about this smoke. Overall, it’s nice and simple. The only drawback to this thing is the tight draw and that aside I would recommend this as a great yard ‘gar. For $5.50, it’s not breaking the bank, but it would be a better deal in your three to four dollar range.

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