El Triunfador


Hiya folks and thanks for tuning in! This week I want to introduce you to the newest love in my life thanks to Pete Johnson, the El Triunfador. Smoking the El Triunfador gave me so much pleasure that I felt guilty afterward like I had cheated on my wife.

Video runs a little over 12 minutes. Doing a review of cigar you really love (El Triunfador) and a review of a cigar you really hate (5 Vegas Knuckle) are the two most difficult types of reviews to do. They are on opposite ends of the spectrum but you can only say so many good things and so many bad things about a cigar. Its definitely challenging.

Check Out These Reviews of the El Triunfador:

Barry from acigarsmoker.com -> Rated it a 91
Lisa from Her Humidor -> Said it was “well balanced and strong”
Stew from The World According to Stew -> Stew gave it 2 Thumbs Up