5 Vegas Miami (Knuckle)

5 Vegas Miami Knuckle

Wow look at me! Two days in a row for two weeks straight! That has to be some kind of record?

So I have to give fair warning because its not often that Angry/Irritated version of The Great Torpedo makes an appearance, in fact its probably been since the Equus days where I said if anyone tries to give you an Equus you should punch them in the face but the 5 Vegas Miami (at least the Knuckle size) brought the worst/best out of me.

Opening song came via request via Twitter, I think it was BradinBuffalo so… Video runs a little over 13 minutes and if you should happen to get some of these in the mail from me, it ain’t because I don’t have love for ya its just they irritate they hell out me. Its like they are sitting in my humidor sticking their damn tongues out at me calling me a “sucker” and sharing the same beautiful air as my Cubans.