La Flor Dominicana Ligero (Guest Review)

This review comes by way of Dinhilion from the Stogie Review Fan Forums

Ok so first foray in to reviews-lets see how it goes.

La Flor Dominicana Ligero- Robusto

I went into the shop pretty unsure of what I wanted to smoke. I asked a the owner about the CAO Brazillia and a La Flor rep jumped in and talked me into buying a Ligero. Now, I am always willing to let a good sales guy sell me into a choice, if only to see if I can trust the guy for recommendations at another time, so I went for it. More importantly, however, I think this is also one of the first cigars I ever smoked so I was curious as to how I would perceive it now.

La Flor’s info

After years of aging our estate-grown Ligero Tobaccos we were ready for our first “full bodied cigar”. The wrapper is Ecuadorian Sumatra with Dominican filler and binder leaves from our farm. The flavor is outstanding.

So I snipped it using a a guillotine and went on my way. I went to the house lighter and tried to light it. After toasting I went to take a couple of small puffs to get it going and got.. almost nothing. The draw was like sipping through a coffee straw. (Hmm-maybe I should remember to stay in the habit of checking that pre-light huh?) The rep noticed me struggling to light it and asked what the issue was. I told him, at which point he felt my cigar said “wow, that is tight”, and took me back to the humidor, found another one, and comped it to me. He had to search though, according to him, he thinks its a bad box (your opinions on that?)

Anyway- I lit up this one and that is where this review will get started

1st third
The draw on this one was tight is well. That is the first thing that stood out. It was not unsmokeably tight, but I had to put effort into getting a mouthful of smoke. Also, the smoke wasn’t voluminous which didn’t help the draw situation. The flavor profile had a nice peppery touch that lingered on the back of the tongue with some earthy overtones. Some burn issues started to look like they might develop as well. The burn line was thick and it looked like it might start to burn unevenly.

2nd third
The peppery taste had mellowed and subsided to the background and the more earthy tastes was more prevalent. The burn issue started to develop into full fledged canoeing. I touched it up but the ligero wrapper just did not want to burn. It was rather annoying. I got it to a respectable distance and started to smoke again.

Final third
Somewhere between the 2nd and final third the cigar went out. I had felt a soft spot coming up and to avoid even more of an issue I chopped off a good 1/4 to 1/2 inch off the cigar before relighting. I got a decent looking even burn going, then BLAM, it went out again within 5 minutes. I re-lit it and it seemed to be burning ok. The uneven burn, however, stayed around. When the cigar was finished there was still a section that was canoeing. The final third’s flavors were earthy and tobacco. I think I lost some of the flavor from the two relights though. It didn’t really punish me but it didn’t build to where I thought it was going.

Final Thoughts
Overall the construction of this cigar was just a distracting annoyance. If the cigar would have burned well I would have enjoyed it a lot more. I enjoyed the flavors, especially the opening pepper, but it just got really distracting. I still enjoyed the cigar it was just more trouble then I would have liked, especially in an indoor environment. If I could get these without the construction issues I would be more then willing to smoke them again.

Has anyone else has this level of construction issues with La Flor Dominicana?