H.Upmann Reserve Maduro

Yo yo! Jerry here this week and I’m rolling “slacker” style. No HD camera, no music, just a quick 9 minute review of the H.Upmann Reserve Maduro. Congrats to Steeler fans (can’t say I was cheering for you) but after that amazing Super Bowl and the hour long episode of The Office after, I wasn’t down with setting up the camcorder.

Oh yeah, congrats to everyone who won in the Super Bowl Cigar Pool on The Stogie Review Fan Forums. Thanks to everyone who donated cigars and a very special thanks goes out to 858 Nick who put it all together. Hopefully he will do the same next year.

With that, I hope everyone has a great week and stays warm. According to Punxsutawney Phil we have 6 more weeks of winter…Long Ashes!