Azul Luna Polo

Hey folks! This week I bring you a cigar that was gifted to me by my buddy Stew over at The World According to Stew. Stew had got these cigars after meeting the guy who owns the line at a polo match Stew was at. Stew sent a pair of these my way so I can give them a try.

Video runs about 17:00 and I hesitate giving the cigar a thumbs up. Its definitely not a thumbs down but just not something that I can recommend to you to go out and actively look for. Its one of those cigars that if you see them at a B&M, pick them up but like I said, I wouldn’t go out of my way.

Solid mild bodied cigar that on occasion hits the medium bodied ranged. Very earthy with a smokey accent flavor.

I don’t know pricing or what other sizes the Azul Luna Polo comes in (I’m not even sure what size I was smoking) but I think its an easy smoke for a beginner and a smoke when the spotlight is on something else that you’re doing and not on the cigar.

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