Ask The readers: How much is too much?

Due to my feeling a little under the weather, I don’t have a video cigar review for you this week. What I do have is a video and a question that I think could potentially stir up a lot of conversation among the community.

Last week Marcian posed a question on the Stogie Review Fan Forums asking How much is too much?. The question revolved around the current pricing of the Oliva Serie V Maduro Especial.

Marcian wrote:

I just recently was able to get my hands on a few of the Oliva Serie V Maduros. The question that most people ask me is of course … What did I pay for them?

I paid $9.32 at a local B&M, which is up there for me. Generally I seldom go above the $6.50 range. I can’t blame the B&M for the price it is a business after all. I guess it boils down to whatever the market will bare.

Once I got to thinking about the question of price. It seemed to me that people where willing to pay $9 plus for a cigars like the Camacho Triple Maduro, San Cristobal, Opus X, Tatuaje Black, and so on. But paying the same for a limited edition Oliva cigar seem to give people a moment of pause.

Why do you think that is? Is it because Olivas are thought of as inexpensive smokes?

The Camacho Triple Maduro is a great stick, but are you paying for the cigar or that great looking label. The same holds true for the Opus X. How much is too much? And what determines whether or not you go above your comfort level to pay a cigar limited or not?

Also as a side note the Oliva V Maduro was a 8 x 50 cigar. I can’t get a Camacho Triple Maduro or San Cristobal robusto for under $10 in my area.

Maybe this should be called how many question are too many questions. Sorry guys …

So in essence, we look at Oliva as a producer of affordable, high quality cigars. Over time we have become comfortable with their pricing and a new line has been released with a premium price. Do you find it difficult to spend the extra money on this cigar simply because you know Oliva as a company that produces lower priced cigars?

Over the weekend I filmed another blind tasting at my local tobacconist and posed a similar question to the guys. Take a look at the conversation between Jess and Bud to see how they viewed a similar situation.

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Do you have a problem spending more money on a cigar from a manufacturer that has been known to create affordable cigars?