Java by Drew Estates

Well another week, another late review. I should really plan on recording these on Friday instead of waiting till the last minute and then get bogged down at work on Monday morning. I do a better job editing when I’m not rushed…anyway, a much anticipated review of the Java by Drew Estates. I put it off a bit since @brianhewitt reviewed the Java a few months back.

Along with my thoughts on the Java by Drew Estates, I give a few shout outs and thank everyone for their comments honoring my little robusto last week and I also talk about Facebook, Media Awards at The Cigar Alliance and why I haven’t reviewed any of the cigars from IPCPR.

Video runs 12:52 and when you’re done, check out my cameo appearance in Episode 8 over at LasVegAshTV (or you can watch it below if you don’t want to click over to another site)…enjoy and long ashes!