Learning about Camacho Cigars from Christian Eiroa

Christian Eiroa of Camacho Cigars

A few days ago I headed down to my parents house to pay them a visit. While I was there my father got to talking about this email he received from Cigars International in regards to a Camacho Event they had planned. The email stated that they were having Christian Eiroa, from Camacho Cigars, out for a informational session on the brand and the family history.

Due to limited seating each attendee was asked to call ahead and reserve a seat. I picked up the phone and gave CI a call to reserve my seat and ask if it would be alright if I recorded the session. After a short conversation my seat was reserved and I had the green light on recording Christian’s talk pending Camacho’s approval.

The following day I got the go ahead from Camacho and we were all set for the event. After the IPCPR trouble I had with my Camera and sound quality, I ordered up a shotgun mic and accessory rail so that audio wouldn’t be an issue.

I got to the store and introduced myself and was treated very well by all of the CI staff. I picked up a few cigars and settled in for the first talk. For the second talk I sat in once again, this time armed with a video setup in the corner to share the experience with the Stogie Review viewers.

Check out what Christian had to say about the brand as well as a little family history. I found it to be entertaining and informative. The video runs a little over a half an hour.

Once your finished with the video drop a comment and let me know if you would be interested in seeing more of these types of videos. With the CI Superstore being only an hour away, I may be able to do more of these videos on location.

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