YQMA Follow Up: Cigars making you sick

Back on Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 29, Jon asked us why cigars can make you sick after smoking. His question can be streamed below.

Jon’s Question

During the show Brian and I stated that we felt it was an issue with Blood Sugar. We also asked that if anyone in the know was listening in, could they help us out a bit.

Not long after the request I received an email from Darren, who happens to be a biologist.



Love the site and video reviews. I’m a relatively new cigar smoker and have really enjoyed all the reviews and information.

I’m writing to you about the YQMA episode 29 where you guys were discussion the effects nicotine has on your body. I’m not a doctor but I do happen to be a biologist. So here goes…

When nicotine enters your blood stream it targets two main areas of the body, the central nerves system (CNS) and the adrenal glands. When nicotine interacts with the CNS it causes a release of dopamine. Dopamine gives you that feel good reward, making it so addictive. When the adrenal glands are targeted there are increased secretions of epinephrine. The epinephrine causes an increase in heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure and blood glucose.

The blood glucose is increased by the inhibition of insulin, the hormone that suppresses blood sugar. It also promotes cells in your body to secrete glucose. Insulin is regulated in two known ways. The first being the glucose content in your blood, but since this is hindered in the presence of nicotine the second becomes the important one. The second process is from glucose and protein receptors in your digestive tract. Basically these are there so that your body knows glucose is coming so it can get a head start on regulating your blood sugar. This is why eating something or eating a candy will help you out with the adverse affects of nicotine, because it will start leveling out your blood sugar.

I hope that explained something…If something wasn’t clear feel free to message me back,