Palio Cutter Review

Palio Cutter - 1The product featured for this Accessory Review is the Palio guillotine cutter. This particular model is the standard black body with the older black emblems. I have had this cutter since sometime in early 2006 and have used it fairly regularly since my purchase.

I picked up this cutter in a group buy on Club Stogie and paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $25.00 (shipping included). Included with the cutter was a black sheath with an impression of the Palio brand name on the front side.

The body is made from engineering polymers (not plastic) while the blades are 420 Stainless Steel with a Rockwell c hardness of 57/58. The blades are said to be made from the hardest Stainless Steel of any cutter currently available on the market, which leads to a long lasting, sharp cutting edge.

The Palio website states that the opening on the cutter will accommodate a 60 ring gauge cigar but does not note the dimension of the opening itself. When measured, my cutters reads 49/64 of an inch. While you will not be able to slip it down the length of a Robusto sized stick, I can vouch that it easily handles a 60 ring gauge cigar if the shoulder is not encroached.


    Hard Polymer frame
    Easily withstands the occasion drop without issue

    Sharp Blades:
    Have not had a problem with a torn cap, even after all this time.

    Simple Appearance:
    The straight up cutter look, which lacks bright colors, gets a surprising amount of attention at the local B&M.

    While the price isn’t exactly bargain basement, I feel you certainly get more than your monies worth with this product.

    Protective Sheath:
    Keeps the cutter clean and free from lint if placed in your pants pocket.

    Contoured Body:
    The contoured shape of the cutter holds a cigar nicely if you do not have an ashtray to rest it in.

Palio Cutter - 2
Large 60 Ring cigar held comfortably by Palio cutter


    Can be a slight hassle to get into the tracks with a q-tip to remove tobacco oil and dust

    Blade Depth:
    When placed on a table and measure from the table top to the lower blade, the cut is 12/64. Many new smokers are given the advice to cut their cigar in this manner for a proper cut. With the Palio this recommendation removes a lot of cigar. For a few more of these measurements take a look at Cigar Cutters: No Matter Which Way You Slice It.

Palio Cutter - 3 Palio Cutter - 4 Palio Cutter - 5
Series of images show depth and result of cutting in the above mentioned fashion

To sum things up, I think that this cutter is well worth the price and will provide years of dependable service. With a price that won’t break the bank, it was very appealing to me as a new cigar smoker. Not wanting to spend double the price on other well known cutters this was a great option which I still appreciate purchasing.

Happy Smoking