Stogie Review New Smoker Sampler

Not terribly long ago we received a voicemail entry from Dave Hanifan in regards to coming up with a Stogie Review sampler for a new cigar smoker as well as an intermediate smoker. During the recording of Episode 25 we didn’t do such a great job of answering the question as it was asked, and we rambled off several cigars that a new and intermediate smoker might enjoy.

The purpose of this article is to answer Dave’s question the way it was asked, and to possibly come up with a small list of cigars that a smoker could take to a cigar shop and purchase at their leisure. The Sampler is made up of 2 of each cigar listed for a total of 12 cigars.

Dave’s Question

After YQMA Episode 25 was posted, Dave revised his question to cap the price at $50.00

Stogie Review
New Smoker Sampler

Cigar: Tatuaje Serie P
Body: Medium
Approximate Price: $3.25

Tatuaje Serie P

Nice smoke for the new smoker as well as those have been smoking for years.
The flavors are straight forward and easy to follow while being smooth.
The cigar is made up of mixed filler which brings the overall cost down.

Cigar: Padron Londres Maduro
Body: Medium
Approximate Price: $2.30

Padron Londres Maduro

Big name brand with a small price tag.
Flavors are smooth and rich all while being easy to smoke and follow along with.
Wrappers can be a little rough aesthetically but smoke well.

Cigar: Oliva Serie G Maduro
Body: Medium
Approximate Price: $3.50

Oliva Serie G Maduro

Rich Maduro flavor that does not overwhelm.
My favorite early afternoon smoke
Smokes just as good with water as it does with coffee

Cigar: Perdomo Reserve Champaign
Body: Mild – Medium
Approximate Price: $6.50

Perdomo Reserve Champaign
Locally these are going to be at the top of the price scale for someone just getting into the hobby but they are well worth it after having smoked for a few months.
Attractive buttery flavors that get you salivating
Smokes very well with a slow and even burn.

Cigar: Rocky Patel Connecticut
Body: Mild
Approximate Price: 4.50

Rocky Patel Connecticut
One of the few cigars Jerry raves about as being an excellent morning smoke
Smooth flavors that stand out while being easy on the palate
Cigars International exclusive

Cigar: El Rey Del Mundo Robusto Larga
Body: Medium
Approximate Price: $3.60

El Rey Del Mundo Robusto Larga
Should be very easy to find
Medium body with a rich Honduran Tobacco flavor that doesn’t overwhelm
Well behaved cigar that burns slow and even.

Approximate Grand Total

Please Note
The prices associated with the cigars listed above are derived from Local PA cigar shops as well as online vendors. The state and or store you purchase these cigars from may have different pricing and result in a much different bottom line.

Following Dave’s guidelines, what 12 cigars would you put together to make up your “New Smoker Sampler”?