Final Goodbye

This post was auto published

This will be the last post about the untimely death of my little robusto. After this, The Stogie Review will return to its normal cigar review material.

I wanted to share the speech that my wife and I wrote to say goodbye to JJ during his funeral mass. I’ve timed this post to auto publish at about the time that I think I will be speaking.

JJ was a special boy. From the beginning of his life, JJ seemed to always be ahead, holding his head up his first week, finding his hands to play with, giving smiles and belly laughs. When he was first born, he seemed to be a serious boy, always with a look on his face as if he was trying to figure everything out. But as time went on, he showed his playful side, smiling when you told him you loved him or what a good and beautiful boy he was.

JJ is our greatest blessing, giving us more than we had ever dreamed. As his parents we would constantly marvel at how amazing he was, and how special he could make you feel. We knew we were so lucky to have JJ.

Every day with JJ brought gifts of joy, whether it was in the way he would crinkle his nose and smile, hold your hand tightly, or sweetly lay on you to sleep. We never imagined that our hearts could overflow with such happiness and pride, and that life could be filled with a warmth that reached the depths of your soul.

JJ knew nothing but love – from his parents, family, and all those who he encountered. We are thankful that so many people were able to share in knowing and loving him. There were always loving arms ready to hold him and shower him with affection. And JJ gave love as freely as he received it. He came early so that he would have more time to spend with all of us.

Without his love, we wouldn’t be able to bear the burden of losing him. But we know he walks with God, and that he will always be with us, as we will always be with him. This is a time of sorrow, but memories of JJ will always make our hearts smile.

We love and miss you, sweet boy.