Perdomo Fresco

Perdomo Fresco - 1Welcome back for yet another Monday Cigar review here at Stogie Review. Moving right along with the theme of bargain level cigars for the upcoming Christmas budget crunch I have the Perdomo Fresco. This cigar sports a Connecticut Shade Grown Wrapper, and Nicaraguan Binder and Fillers from the Jalapa Valley. This particular stick measures in at 5.00 inches long with a 50 Ring Gauge.

During my pre light inspection I found the wrapper to be nice and smooth with a dull sheen. The aroma at both the head and foot were rich and pleasant. When pinched the cigar felt firm and evenly packed with no soft spots throughout. The pre light draw was good with a little resistance and a mild tobacco flavor. After a quick toast and light the cigar was burning evenly and producing a good volume of thick mild bodied smoke.

The first third of the cigar came across mild and relaxed. There wasn’t much in terms of body but the finish was smooth and sort of creamy on the palate lasting for a few minutes then fading. The base flavor was that of rich tobacco with a mild nutty aftertaste. The burn was slow and produced an even, firm ash that hung on for about three quarters of in inch before needing to be persuaded off of the cigar with a firm tap on the ashtray. The draw had a little resistance but put out a good volume of thick smoke that left a mild and pleasant aroma in the room.

Perdomo Fresco - 2

As I worked my way into the second third of this cigar, I found the body slowly creeping more towards the Mild – Medium range but wasn’t quiet there yet. The finished remained smooth and creamy while laying on the palate for just a minute or two before fading and leaving your mouth feeling clean and ready for the next puff. The base flavor remained a rich tobacco flavor with a mild nutty aftertaste. The surprising part was that there was virtually no “Nicaraguan zing” to the flavor as I expected from a Nicaraguan cigar. The burn line remained even and produced a compacted and light colored ash.

The final third of my Perdomo Fresco was much like the earlier portions of the cigar with the exception that at about the 1.5 inch mark it was beginning to turn harsh. Up until that point the body was still creeping towards Mild to Medium and had a smooth finish that was easy on the palate. The base flavor remained a straight up natural tobacco flavor with a mild nutty flavor. The draw continued to please and provided a dense smoke. The room aroma was mild and enjoyable while the burn remained even and produced a compacted and firm ash,

Perdomo Fresco - 3

Overall I was happy with the cigar and felt that it was a good value for a cigar that performed the way it did. It was far from brimming with complexity but it provided a very straight forward decent smoking experience. If you enjoy Mild to Medium cigars and are looking for something to smoke that will not take you away from whatever you are doing I think that this is a good choice.

The price paid at my local shop was $1.95 each