Camacho Triple Maduro

Camacho Triple Maduro - 1

Welcome back for another cigar review here at Stogie Review. As some of you may have noticed (or at least I hope you noticed) I was missing in action for a review last week. I had a bit of an allergy problem as the weather started to change for the cooler here in PA. After a little over a week of taking medication and taking a break from cigars I feel great and am ready to get back into my weekly routine.

Up for review this week is the high acclaimed Camacho Triple Maduro. As many of you already know this was one of the cigars going into the RTDA Tradeshow that had a lot of buzz behind it. After all, it is the first of its kind in that this cigar is made up of entirely Maduro Tobacco. The size on this particular stick is 4.50 inches long with a 50 ring gauge and cost me $9.50 at a Camacho tasting held at my local shop.

When looked over, I found the cigar to be very interesting. If you hold the stick in your hand with the foot directly in your field of vision you will notice the color variation in the tobacco. The core of the cigars starts off a deep brown color and gets progressively darker as you look more towards the wrapper and binder. The wrapper is very dark and has an excellent oily sheen. When handled I found the cigar to feel relatively smooth with a couple of medium sized veins adding a little bit of a lumpy texture. When pinched the cigar felt firm throughout and packed with tobacco, which is not what I am used to when it comes to Camacho Cigars. I typically expect some softness and variation throughout the length of their cigars.

After a quick toast and light I had this cigar burning evenly and producing a good volume of thick and flavorful smoke. The draw had a little resistance but was very nice overall. The body begins in the Medium range with a thick and creamy finish. The base flavor starts off with a Woody component as well as nice Coffee and Bitter Chocolate flavor. There is something tucked away in the background of the smoke that is very enjoyable but I can’t quiet put my finger on how to describe it.

Camacho Triple Maduro - 2

As I continued to burn through my Camacho Triple Maduro I was running into some minor burn problems and the burn line was a little uneven and need a quick touch up. The burn rate was good but required me to smoke a little faster than I prefer in order to keep the cigar completely lit. The ash was light in color and firm, holding on for well over a half inch before dropping into the ashtray. The draw was excellent with a slight bit of resistance and produced a good volume of thick smoke.

The body at this point was slowly moving from Medium to Med. – Full while the finish seemed to get heavier and left a thick feeling on the walls of my mouth and palate. The base flavor remained Woody but was moving towards the Coffee/Bitter Chocolate mixture that I was enjoying so much. The hard to describe flavor remained in the background and became much more apparent after a splash of water was introduced to my palate.

As I worked my way into the final third the cigar seemed to pick up a little steam. The body was ramping up more so into the Med. – Full range and left me feeling a bit of a nicotine kick. While the kick wasn’t so bad, it did give the smoke a bit of a bite that I wasn’t enjoying nearly as much as I was before. The finish remained smooth and thick leaving a heavy coating on the walls of my mouth and palate but remained smooth and enjoyable. The base flavor was moving back to the more Woody flavor while the Coffee/Bitter Chocolate mixture faded. The hard to describe flavor was still in the background and remained enjoyable but was beginning to annoy me as I could not place the flavor.

Camacho Triple Maduro - 3

The burning characteristics of the cigar got a little better but the smoke rate was still elevated in order to keep things burning well. The ash remained a nice light color while being firm and compacted. The draw remained very nice with a slight resistance which kept me from unintentionally over drawing.

Overall I think that this was a very enjoyable cigar with a lot of character and complexity. Burn problems aside, I would definitely smoke more of these in the future and would recommend them to any Maduro fanatic. The flavors throughout are very enjoyable and go good with water, but excellent with a nice Stout. With the 9.50 price tag being above my normal rage by several dollars, I would love to see the price come down a bit in the future, and if that were to happen I would definitely buy them more frequently.

I plan on sending Camacho an email to see what they recommend as a “Sweet Spot” in terms of Relative Humidity to make this stick burn and behave better. I’ll be sure to write back with the results of my email.