Davidoff Cigarillo

Davidoff Cigarillo - 1

Today I decided to do a little digging in the humidor and fill a request for a “Little Cigar” for those that are tight on time. The cigar I walked away with is the Davidoff Cigarillo. This little guy weighs in at 4 inches long with a 23 ring gauge. These are machine made in the Netherlands and Denmark with a Sumatra Wrapper, Java Binder, and Brazilian and Indonesian Fillers. The tobacco is all natural but dry cured for “smoothness” (As per the text in The Cigar Cyclopedia)

Upon removing the cigarillo from its tiny cellophane wrapper I was confused by the pre cut cap, however I assume this is normal for machine made cigars. When placed in my mouth I found the head of the cigar to be fairly soft with a firm draw. When pinched with my fingers I found the remainder of the cigar to be fairly firm and well packed with tobacco. The wrapper appeared dry with a toothy texture and small veins.

After a very quick toast and light I had this little guy burning evenly and producing a good volume of smoke. The initial flavor was woody with a smooth and easy finish. The body started off in the Mild to Medium range and made for a nice beginning.

Davidoff Cigarillo - 2

After a few minutes of smoking I found myself into the second third of my Davidoff Cigarillo. I was having a bit of trouble keeping it lit due to the fact that I smoke so slow. Allowing the cigarillo to sit in the ashtray unattended for more than just a minute or two seemed to be enough neglect to allow it to go out. Relighting was quick and easy but produced a foul flavor for the first couple of puffs before going away.

The burn rate at this point seemed to be very fast, which is sort of what I expected for a dry cured small cigar. The burn line was very even as well as thin. The ash was light in color but weak, falling after just a small amount developed on the end of the stick. The body ramped up into the Medium range as the finish remained smooth and easy on the palate. The base flavor was Woody and was starting to become kind of salty.

Davidoff Cigarillo - 3

After about twenty minutes I found myself needing to set the cigar down to rest. The body picked up some more as I smoked down through the final third but remained in the Medium range. The finish remained smooth and easy on the palate but began to develop a bit of an edge towards the end, which was a nice way to round out and end the smoke. The base flavor remained consistent throughout producing a Woody flavor with a bit of saltiness that would come and go through the final third.

Overall I think that this was a decent little cigar and turned out to be much better than I thought when I read that it was both machine made and dry cured. I don’t know that I would smoke many more of these in the future simply because I felt rushed in order to keep the cigar properly lit. If you are tight on time and don’t mind paying Davidoff prices for a little cigar I would recommend checking this one out.