El Cobre

El Cobre - 1

Up for review this week is a cigar that was briefly discussed in Episode 14 of Your Questions, My Answers. The cigar is the El Cobre which is a Private Label cigar made by the Oliva Cigar Family. The El Cobre is available in bundles of 25 for $99.95 and weighs in at, in my case, 6.50 inches long with a 52 ring gauge and is Torpedo shaped.

Upon my initial inspection I thought this cigar looked a little rough. The wrapper was dark and oily with a few medium sized veins and a slightly bumpy texture. When pinched I found this stick to be firmly packed with tobacco from head to foot. After a quick clip I found the draw to be a little firm but produced a rich and heavy pre light flavor.

After a quick toast and light I had the cigar burning evenly and producing thick and flavorful smoke. The draw remained a little snug but produced a firm and light colored ash with a excellent burn. The resting smoke was fairly light and produced a very rich but strong aroma. The body started off medium to full while the finish left me with a thick feeling in my mouth with a smooth and enjoyable aftertaste. The base flavor was a rich earthy flavor with an enjoyable spice that was easily detected when blown through the sinuses.

El Cobre - 2

As I smoked further into the first third of my El Cobre Torpedo the base flavors were becoming richer and more complex with each puff. The spice from the first few puffs were really beginning to ramp up as the Earthy flavor developed more character. The finish remained heavy and thick but easy on the palate while the body was building into the Full Range. The draw remained a little firm put continued to put off a good volume of thick smoke while the burn rate was slow and even.

After a few gentle bites on the head of the cigar the draw began to open up and produce much more smoke. The base flavors remained pretty much the same but continued to build and develop more character. The finish was still smooth but had a heavy mouth feel that coated my entire mouth. The body was now in the Full range and continued to build the deeper I smoked. The resting smoke was still fairly light but produced an even heavier aroma at this point. I found myself constantly dodging the smoke that lingered in the air, but enjoyed it very much.

El Cobre - 3

The final third of my cigar continued to build and become more full bodied. The finish remained thick and heavy on the tongue and palate while being smooth and enjoyable. The base flavor stayed consistent and produced rich Earthy and Spicy flavors that were almost over the top when blown through the sinuses. The burn remained even and slow while producing a solid light colored ash. The resting smoke remained fairly light but the aroma seemed to get heavier and more pungent with every puff.

Overall I think that this was a fantastic cigar as long as you enjoy a Full Bodied Stink Pot Of a smoke. The flavors are very rich and robust which pair up very well with the body of the cigar. Even though I found myself dodging the resting smoke at times, I really enjoyed the aroma. If you come across one of these in your travels I would definitely recommend picking one up. Just like all of the Oliva produced cigars I have smoked, this one is well made and enjoyable.