Troya X-TRA No 54

Filling in for Walt while he waits for his new video card.
Today I smoked the Troya X-TRA No. 54. This cigar measured 48 X 5.75. The wrapper was a 1999 Corojo , the binder and filler were both Nicaraguan. The cigar is rated as a medium. I decided to use my punch cutter on this cigar instead of my normal guillotine cut. I did not pick up any initial flavors from the wrapper or foot of the cigar before I lit it up. After I started to smoke it, I noticed a touch of cocoa and coffee flavors. It was a very pleasant flavor. The cigar produced a lot of smoke. The ash on the cigar was firm and started out as a dark gray color.

The flavor of the cigar did remain consistent and smooth. The burn was fairly even with a only a few minor issues, but nothing that concerned me. The cigar did not get very hot. A nice touch on this cigar was the band. Instead of using glue as most companies do, they used a sticker. This allowed for the easy removal of the band at anytime.
With a smoking time of 70 minutes, this was a great cigar. The flavor was consistent and smooth and well balanced. I was able to smoke the cigar to the very end. I agree that this is a medium cigar and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a cigar with a consistent flavor.

Smoking Time: 70 minutes
Humidor Time: 16 days
Cut Type: Punch
Light Type: Single Flame Torch
Beverage: Water/Louis Bouron Cognac