Rocky Patel OSG

The highlight of this video isn’t me reviewing the Rocky Patel OSG but me debuting my new lighter and trying not to burn my face off. It pains me to say that I’ve finally smoked a cigar by Rocky Patel that I actually thought was very un-Rocky like. The OSG stands for Original Sun Grown. Apparently Rocky started developing this cigar back in 2002 and then took a break from it to develop his famous Vintage series. After Rocky finished his Vintage series, he started developing a Sun Grown line from scratch. These Original Sun Growns were the ones that were left over and are totally different than the RP Sun Growns we all know and love today.

Video runs around 14 minutes for this lack luster cigar but I hope I did good with my new lighter. Excuse me being a retard and pretending that my new lighter is a gun. Trust me, my wife already knows she married a retard so no need to e-mail her, just pray that my unborn child inherits his mother’s genes and not mine.