Padilla Limitado 2006

A few notes before you watch the video. When I was recording the video I was at a loss. I didn’t know anything about the cigar because when I was searching for information I was searching for “Padilla Limitado” when I should’ve been looking for “Padilla Obsidian”. Since then I have discovered that it has a Honduran-grown Corojo and black Nicaraguan-grown fillers and a Nicaraguan ligero wrapper. These are a yearly release by Padilla. The 2007 release is called the Padilla Achilles and is blended by Don Pepin. These yearly releases are Cigars International exclusives.

Video runs around 15 minutes. On a personal note, most of you might know my dad spent 30 years in the United States Air Force and served 3 tours of duty in Vietnam rescuing downed pilots so days like Veterans Day or Memorial Day are special days in my family because of my dad’s service and the friends he lost in Vietnam. Do me a favor this Memorial Day. Regardless of how you feel about the current state of affairs, while you’re out on the patio, grilling and smoking a cigar, take a moment and keep Veterans like my dad and the brave soldiers who didn’t come back or are yet to be accounted for, take a moment to remember.

Special thanks to Jabba & Zee for their hospitality while I was in Toronto!