Coronado by La Flor Dominicana

I wanted to take a picture of the Coronado but after I smoked this guy, I needed to lay down. I read the review over at Keepers of the Flame and the review by The Stogie Guys and I knew I should’ve heeded their warnings about this being a very strong cigar. After smoking the Coronado by La Flor Dominicana I barely had enough wits about me to edit the video. I’m just happy I finished the Coronado and didn’t pussy out. The Coronado by La Flor Dominicana lives up to the 93 rating by CA and the 5 out of 5 rating The Stogie Guys gave it. Great reviews by both Keepers of the Flame and The Stogie Guys that really deserves your time to read.

Video runs around 15 minutes and thank you very much to the anonymous Stogie Review fan who so generously sent me a very nice v-cutter. That has to be the best gift anyone has sent me. Also, let me know what you think of the 16:9 video format.

Stay tuned for Episode 10 of Your Question, My Answers this weekend but reserve around 90 minutes to watch cause its a long cut version this week.