Oliva Series G – Cameroon

Oliva Series G Cameroon - Unlit

Welcome back for yet another Monday review. Over the past couple of weeks I have had the opportunity to smoke a few Oliva Series G Cameroons. You may recall that I reviewed the Maduro version a few months back and was very happy with it. Due to the fact that I am more of a Cameroon kind of guy, I have even higher hopes for particular cigar.

The vitola up for review today is the Belicoso size, weighing in at five inches by fifty two ring gauge. The filler and binder are made up of Nicaraguan tobacco while the wrapper is an African grown Cameroon.

At first glance the wrapper has a sort of unusually color. It has a similar color to a cup of coffee with extra creme added, while also having a sort of greenish hue. While the color seems a little unusual, it is attractive. The wrapper texture is smooth with tiny veins running throughout. When pinched the cigar feels firmly packed with a slight spring.

After a quick and clean cut with my guillotine cutter, I found the pre light draw to be free with little resistance. I moved on to the next step and after a quick toast and light the cigar was producing thick clouds of flavorful smoke. The initial flavor was toasty and buttery with a very mild spice. The finish was about average, staying on the palate for two or three minutes after each puff. The body was in the medium range and complimented the cigar well at this point.

Oliva Series G Cameroon - Unlit

After the first couple puffs I settled into the first third of my Oliva Series G Cameroon. I was experiencing a slight problem with an uneven burn, which corrected itself naturally after several minutes of smoking. The base flavor was still dominantly toasty and butter with a mild spice when blown through the sinuses. I was now beginning to get a mild leathery aftertaste, which lasted for a minute or so after each puff. With the body remaining Medium and the Finish about average, this cigar was making for a nice and relaxing smoke.

Oliva Series G Cameroon - Lit

As I puffed my way into the second third, I found the body to be building slowly. While still in the medium range, it was slowly building as I burned deeper into the cigar. The base flavor remained toasty and buttery while the leathery aftertaste disappeared. The spicy flavor I was getting while blowing the smoke through my sinuses was also slowly building. The finish was now smooth and creamy while lasting just a couple of minutes on the palate. The draw was excellent and continued to produce thick clouds of smoke. The burn rate was both slow and even, which rounded out the second third very well.

Oliva Series G Cameron - 2/3

The final third of this cigar wrapped up very well. The base flavor remained toasty and buttery while picking up a sort of coffee like flavor. The spice seemed to hit its peak and mingled very well with the base flavors of the smoke. The body also peaked, but remained in the medium range. The finish seemed to get a little shorter, only lasting for a minute or so, on the palate while remaining smooth and creamy.

Oliva Series G Cameroon - 3/3

Overall I think that this was a very good cigar medium bodied cigar. This, to me, seemed like the perfect cigar for the fairly new cigar smoker as it is smooth and enjoyable without being the slightest bit offensive. With a price point of just over $3.00 I think that this cigar is a must buy the next time you stop in at your local cigar shop.

While I think that this cigar was very good, I don’t think it stands up to the Series G Maduro. The Maduro seems to have more of a rich flavor that gives it the edge, at least for me anyway.