Oliva Serie O

Oliva Serie O Perfecto pre-light

This weeks Wednesday review is of the Oliva Serie O Perfecto (5×55). According to the Oliva web page the Serie O is a Nicaraguan puro made in the Cuban style of growing the same seed in different regions. The sun-grown Habano wrapper was very silky with only a few small veins.

The pre-light draw was easy for a perfecto, which I find often start tight, and the pointed head makes clipping a no-brainer. The small foot lit quickly and the first few draws gave a good volume of smoke with a rich tobacco flavor and the slightest bit of spice. The flavor profile is similar to the previously reviewed Serie G, though quite a bit fuller bodied. At this point the burn was fairly straight and the ash a very light gray and not the least bit flaky.

Oliva Serie O Perfecto first third

The slightly crooked burn in the picture above continued to get worse until it required a touch up. From this point forward it had to be touched up about every half inch or so. Two reviews in a row with the same burn problem on cigars from different makers, go figure. The body continued to build while the burn progressed toward the largest part of the cigar with a nice spiciness making regular appearances. A small crack also formed in the wrapper and grew slowly as the burn got closer. The picture below was taken shortly after the split started.

Oliva Serie O Perfecto small split

The split grew quite a bit rather quickly after a small touch up, note splitting wrappers do not like a touch up. 🙂

Oliva Serie O Perfecto large split

A testament to the construction, the cigar continued to smoke without any problems producing large clouds of smoke with every draw. The body leveled out at what I would call full, but not overpowering. The spice wasn’t as apparent after the half-way mark, but I was really paying attention to the wrapper and burn at that point. I think I’ll pick up some more singles of these in both natural and maduro. This one was a little more flavorful than the Serie G, and I’m a sucker for a nice perfecto, I even really liked the natural version.

Oliva Serie O Perfecto ashtray