La Gloria Cubana Serie R

La Gloria Cubana Serie R pre-light

This week we have the La Gloria Cubana Serie R #4 (4-7/8 x 52) with a Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper. I was gifted this cigar back around Christmas so, while I have no idea how long it sat in the B&M, it had been in my humidor for almost 3 months. This was one dark, oily, toothy wrapper and really had my mouth watering pre-light. There wasn’t much aroma pre-light, just a nice tobacco flavor.

The cap cut cleanly revealing a nice easy draw. There were no overly-hard nor any really spongy spots on the cigar when given a squeeze. I’m not really sure why, but I had more trouble getting this cigar lit than probably any other I’ve smoked. The outside of the foot lit quickly but there were two spots that just didn’t want to light.

After the trouble I had getting an even light, once it was lit I gave it a couple of good puffs and then set it in the ashtray to rest for a couple of minutes hoping to even out the burn. The first third of the cigar produced familiar dark, rich, coffee maduro flavors, but with a touch of something that I just couldn’t place at first. It took me a few more minutes, and draws, but I finally managed to place this new flavor. I was getting a light anise (licorice) flavor, that while not a favorite of mine, was just right with the dark coffee taste.

La Gloria Cubana Serie R first third

By this point some burn issues were becoming apparent. After the poor light, which could have been my fault even though I did it just the way I always do, I was afraid that this might happen but was fine with working with it at this point as I was really digging the unique flavors of this cigar. I’m usually pretty intent on allowing a cigar to correct burn issues on its own, I find leaving the slow burning side on the bottom allows plenty of oxygen to reach the burn and often corrects any issues. To that end I generally don’t touch up a burn until there’s roughly an inch of difference between the two sides. The touch ups I was having to do left behind a very unattractive ash on one side, though the other side was light gray and generally firm throughout.

La Gloria Cubana Serie R first third burn issue

This is definitely a full-bodied, full-flavored cigar that packs a punch. Though even with the full body it smoked relatively smooth and never got harsh, despite my rather frequent draws in an attempt to help correct the burn. Now this wasn’t a random uneven burn, it was one specific side of the cigar that burned faster (or one side that burned much slower, your call 🙂 ). I tried leaving the slow side down when in the ashtray, tried leaving the slow side up when in the ashtray, I even tried frequent purges after the half-way mark but nothing I did seemed to make any difference. I would touch it up and get the burn even but it would come right back.

I generally don’t have the patience to put up with that many burn issues and still continue to smoke. However I was thoroughly enjoying the flavors and just couldn’t bring myself to set it down, I never even thought about it until I was finished. The picture below is fairly representative of the state of the burn for most of this cigar.

La Gloria Cubana Serie R last third burn issues

Burn issues abound with this cigar, though I still enjoyed it enough to pick up a five-pack soon and see if those issues are indicative of the brand. The first piece of ash was firm and just longer than the first third of the cigar, but as you can see below my touch up efforts resulted in a pile of crumbly ash.

La Gloria Cubana Serie R ashtray