Equus Limited Ligero

You know we had someone comment a few weeks ago who said we should have a Top 10 list of The Worst Cigars. I think if we actually had a list like that, the Equus Limited Ligero would take the #1 spot. This cigar doesn’t even deserve a picture in this review.

This is a bad cigar. Seriously brace yourself around the 10:30 mark of the video where I almost vomit in my mouth. I tried guys. I tried to be a trooper and stick with this cigar till the end but it was terrible. That’s TERRIBLE in case you just missed that.

Construction sucked as the Cameroon wrapper started to unwind and extremely harsh burnt tobacco taste that eventually turned into a total ass taste. Not only did this cigar taste like ass but it smelled like ass. Like I say in the video, don’t buy these and if someone attempts to give you one of these, punch them in the face for trying to pass on this crap cigar. Seriously, whoever made these cigars should be embarrassed and should have their cigar rolling creditials revoked. It’s just plain TERRIBLE.

Now if you’re a glutton for punishment or if you just want to hear the song thats playing while I almost vomit in my mouth then watch the video. Video lasts a little over 15 minutes and I try to stay as positive as I can all the way up till the end. Please excuse the little background noises in the video. It was IRC Thursday Nite chat over at Cigarzilla and I forgot to disable the sound notification while recording….my bad.

On a good note, Episode 5 of Your Questions, My Answers with me and Walt is scheduled to be recorded on Saturday and published on Sunday.

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