Carlos Torano – Reserva Selecta

Torano Reserva Selecta pre-light

Here we have the Reserva Selecta Robusto (5×50) by Carlos Torano with a Connecticut Shade natural wrapper. After consuming mass quantities of whisky and full-bodied cigars, and managing to pick up quite the sunburn at a weekend-long bachelor party, I was in the mood for a milder cigar. I’ve had this one resting in the humidor in its tubo for a few months and decided it was time.

I started off moistening the cap to help with the cut and was met with a very unpleasant taste, very sharp and rather offensive. The cigar was firm with only a few small visible veins and a couple of a spongy spots. Pre-light draw was perfect with just the right amount of resistance.

The first few puffs yielded sweet, creamy smoke in very generous quantities. I usually slip the band(s) off during the first third of a cigar, it’s just become a habit for me. However these bands appear to be put on with super glue, which is something I’ve found with most Toranos and is also a personal pet peeve of mine. The Reserva Selecta band peeled off easily enough but the larger band refused to budge without lifting the wrapper. Even with the frustration of the straight jacket-like bands the cigar was still producing loads of thick white smoke.

Torano Reserva Selecta first third

As I got past the first third I started picking up an occasional sharp, acrid flavor. I tried slowing my rate of smoking, but it didn’t seem to have any effect on the appearance of the unpleasant flavor. Even when the cigar was allowed to sit for over a minute between every draw, occasionally there was just an unpleasant flavor, though it was absent more than it was present.

Torano Reserva Selecta last third

Getting into the last third the acrid taste finally stopped rearing its ugly head, and I have to admit to being somewhat proud of myself for smoking through the second third. After the enjoyable first third, I felt that if I kept smoking it would get better again and was rewarded by the last third. The body built to a nice medium, with the finish remaining rather short and dry. I tried letting the heat loosen the band but it had no effect on the super glue used by the Toranos, and when I finally peeled it off roughly a half square inch of wrapper came off with it.

This was the only Reserva Selecta that I had on hand, and based on the so-so performance of the second third I’ll definitely be trying a few more before considering a box purchase. As long as the cigar performs like the first or second third I would have no problem recommending these to someone looking for a mild to medium bodied cigar.

Torano Reserva Selecta ash tray