Rocky Patel Sun Grown

You know I really thought this video review would be longer than the 9:44 that it turned out to be. That goes to why this cigar has that wow factor I’ve been talking about lately in a lot of my reviews. The Rocky Patel Sun Grown grabs your attention from the start and really makes you pay attention to the cigar and lets you forget about what is going on around you.

Right from the get go, of this 5″ x 50 Robusto, the Rocky Patel Sun Grown grabs your attention! You’re greeted with a blast of spicy peppery flavors that just blows you away and gets you pumped up.

I love the reddish hue of these Rosado wrappers. It adds a nice touch to the oily sheen giving the Rocky Patel Sun Grown a unique appearance that really stands out in your humidor.

Flavor profile wise, like I said you start off with that blast of spicy peppery flavor and that flavor is present all thru the smoke keeping your attention. The second third, the cigar introduces a sweet almost honey like flavors. The final third, you get a nice toasty woodsy, almost oak type flavors. Talk about a dynamic, multidimensional cigar. The Rocky Patel Sun Grown is the poster child for that perfect balance of power and flavor.

No problems with construction. Solid burn and a slow burn rate that you think it’s the never ending cigar but it never becomes overwhelming or tiresome. The Rocky Patel Sun Grown costs around $5-$6 depending on size and its one of the few cigars out there that I really think you get more than your moneys worth.

Like I mention above, video runs 9:44 and I had to give a quick shout out to my Stogie Review brother, Brian. Hope you have fun this weekend at that bachelor’s party and hope everything calms down for you bro! Miss not having you around and people are starting to wonder if you really do exist.

Have a great weekend everyone, keep em lit!