Oliva Serie G

Oliva Serie G pre-light

This little perfecto is the Oliva Serie G Special G maduro, sized at 3.75×48 and available with an African Cameroon or maduro wrapper. According to Oliva Cigars the binder and filler are Cuban-seed, Nicaraguan Habano…whatever that means. The wrapper was vein-free and dark, but somewhat devoid of that oily sheen. I just love the look of a well-done perfecto, yes my wife says they look a bit like Mr. Hankey, I just have to admire the craftsmanship behind such a cigar.

The head clipped cleanly revealing a pleasant draw, much better than I have come to expect from a perfecto pre-light. I was actually surprised enough that I took several pre-light pulls admiring the draw. The foot lit quickly and the first few puffs produced rich smoke with a slight cedar flavor. One side of the foot burned slightly faster than the other, requiring a touch-up just about the time the burn was reaching the “shoulder” of the foot. I hardly fault the cigar for this as I just picked this up today from the B&M where the humidity is kept quite a bit higher than I keep my own. The body started mild to medium with a fairly short finish.

Oliva Serie G first third

The slight burn problems persisted through the first third, never requiring a re-light or heavy touch-up, just a little occasional attention. The cedar flavor continued through most of the cigar, coming and going at regular intervals, backed up by a constant rich tobacco taste. The ash was medium-gray and rather firm. Not that it is all that impressive for a cigar measuring only 3.75 inches, but the ash fell only once while smoking.

Oliva Serie G second third

In the second third I began to taste hints of coffee, something I often find in good maduro-wrapped cigars. I usually pick up a darker, almost bitter coffee flavor but this was more of a sweetened coffee taste, very nicely mixed in with the cedar flavors. I made the last touch-up to the burn at the beginning of the second third and it remained even and consistent for the rest of the cigar.

The last third came pretty quickly given the small stature. By this time the body had built to a nice medium and the finish had gotten a bit longer. It burned about 40 minutes which is longer than I expected, but at only 48 ring gauge it needs to be smoked a bit slower to be enjoyed. I paid $2.40 for these, and see them available online in 48-count boxes for around $100.

Oliva Serie G ashtray