La Aroma De Cuba

Thanks again to Carlos in NJ as this is another one of the many cigars he sent me a few weeks ago.

When you watch the video you will see I was a bit torn by this cigar. I enjoyed the cigar and I’d recommend it. The problem is, I’m not sure if I’d remember to recommend it. Lots of good earthy and woodsy flavors that I enjoyed. Construction, burn rate and draw were are all superb. I think I was expecting more and thats my own fault. While I was taking breaks from recording the video I was surfing and reading reviews that others had published even Cigar Insider rating it a 93. From those other reviews I was looking forward to the La Aroma De Cuba changing into a smoothe, silky, chocolate flavors at the 50% point. When I got to the 50% point and smoked passed it I kept waiting and waiting but no such flavors developed.

Like I said, the La Aroma De Cuba is a good cigar and the earthy/woodsy flavors are a delight. If I’m out and about I’d probably pick up more. The hard part will be to actually remembering the La Aroma De Cuba. I did love the cigar band so maybe that will help.

Enjoy the video (9:32) and be sure to leave a comment and answer the question I pose towards the end.