Rocky Patel Connecticut

First I have to apologize for the rush job on the video. I really wasn’t on my game tonight as it seemed all day long I was behind in everything I needed to do. Just the way it goes in my world of a father-to-be.

The Rocky Patel Connecticut came up in discussion during my review last week on the Montecristo White as being a more affordable option. I have to say that the Rocky Patel Connecticut is one of my favorite morning cigars. While not a very complex cigar its consistency in both flavor profile and construction has made the Rocky Patel Connecticut a mainstay in my humidor and to my rotation.

I sum up the Rocky Patel Connecticut as being a crisp cigar. Like I said, not complex and the flavors don’t have much depth to them but the flavors are crisp and easily identified and the creamy, toasted nut and sweet finish along with its affordable price tag make the Rocky Patel Connecticut the perfect companion with that first cup of morning coffee.

Video runs 12:03 and again, this is probably the worst job I’ve done to date on a video.

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